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ISIS Content Management System - CMS

ISIS CMS is a Marketing-Centered Content Management System developed for BUSINESS owners who want a good looking Website that produces results.

Isis CMSIsisCMS is a system designed for today's Online Entrepreneurs, Web masters and Web marketing professionals; it's a professional Website that has the tools an Internet Entrepreneur needs to make their online business a success.

We've built this CMS from scratch with the average Website owner in mind, and we have included management and marketing tools to make sure that it succeeds no matter what industry you're in.

This Content Management System was first designed by Edwin Huertas (Co-founder of MH&A Media, LLC.), He made a system that was easy for his clients to use and incorporated all the tools that grow their Website traffic.

After years of working with different content managements systems, Edwin realized that most systems offer more "Flying Widgets" than they do tools to improve your site's visibility and marketing.

It's obvious these systems don't care about the specific needs of the Business Owners and Stake Holders, because they never address the most important issue - traffic.

What he also found was that most Content Management Systems on the market are not user-friendly and they don't achieve the marketing results they should.

Based on feedback from the Webmaster community he took his 15+ years of experience as a LAMPP Developer and a Marketing Specialist (both direct advertising and online marketing) and used it to design and engineer a powerful CMS for Business Owners.

The problem with most content management systems is that your Web site ends up looking like whatever template you buy or download. You usually have to edit SOMEONE ELSE'S template to make it work.

The ISIS Content Management System allows you to use your existing design - or - you can (1) design your site first... (2) add a tiny line of code here and there (to tell the system where you want your content) and (3) upload to your templates folder for publishing.


But, it does a lot more than that...

It also HELPS YOU MARKET your Web pages as you add them to the site!

ISIS CMS uses a sophisticated process to publish Web pages incorporating analytical engines that actually take your new page and run it through a series of algorithms, calculating and determining your page's marketing/SEO value:

  • It checks your new page's Keyword Density and returns a score for your keywords
  • It compares your new page to your top 3 Competitors and gives you solid data to make your editing and reworking (if needed) a little easier.
  • It provides you with a SEO score for your new page. This score will be based on the initial reports IPCMS runs when you add a new page, but it will also incorporate 3rd party data (both from OUR servers and external resources) in order to provide you with useful advice and a fully detailed report.

seoIt's like having your own in-house SEO specialist!

Check out how ISIS CMS handles the creation, delivery and marketing of your Web pages...


CMS process

1 Whether you are a novice Website owner or seasoned Webmaster, you can install the software on your server quickly and easily (just make sure to read the requirements) . The software includes an automated installer that will upload your files, change the proper permissions and help you configure your Website in minutes.


2 You design your Website templates using your favorite editor (DreamWeaver or any other) pasting simple lines of code as placeholders wherever you want your content. An example would be to simply paste the code {section_1} where you want Section 1 of your Web site to appear on the page.


3 Upload your files to your templates folder for use on pages you will publish in the future. Anytime you add a page, the system allows you to select which template (from the ones you've uploaded) to use.


4 Secure login - The secure administration manager allows you, as the Website owner, to assign multiple groups/users access to whichever modules and pages you choose. This helps to ensure that they (the stake-holders) have total control over their settings and back-end functionality.


5 You can begin to add content to your Website using a powerful engine (with User-Friendly-Interface) that walks you through a few steps to make sure you get the best out of your page. NOTE: You can select any of the templates you've uploaded to the templates folder for each individual page.


6 The Website administrator can select from a pool of RSS articles/feeds (you can add as many feeds as you like from the admin) and post them on your page (they will display anywhere you paste the code {RssFeeds}) to add more 'meat' to your pages.


7 You have the option to tell the system to perform SEO analysis on the page you are publishing. This SEO analysis engine will run your page through a series of algorithms that take various factors (like link popularity, competition, 3rd party statistics etc) into consideration when determining your page's SEO score and providing you with actionable advice you can follow to improve your Web site's SEO.


8 Attach documents, contracts and proposals to specific pages. Documents can be set to public or private depending on whether you want to display it to 'logged in' clients/users only.


9 Set each individual page's security. Each page you publish can be set to either 'Public' or 'Private'. Private pages can only be viewed by clients/members that have been given the right to view this page. You can edit which members can view a page any time via the "Manage Pages" section on your control panel.


10 Once a page has been carefully analyzed by both you and the SEO Analyzer Engine, you can begin to broadcast your new page to multiple social media outlets!


11 Publish your content for the public (and search engine spiders) to see!


Z You can choose to keep your pages private from ALL visitors and search engine spiders.


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