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For the past 20+ years, ICS NOLA has been committed to providing the latest technology & superior service at an affordable price. Since our establishment in 1995, ICS NOLA has been meeting & exceeding our consumer expectations. We specialize in everything IT & focus on the development of innovative technologies, configurations + features. Our networks rival & often surpass the giants of industry counterparts in speed, flexibility, versatility including cost. We have been operating in the Greater New Orleans Area for the past 20+ years but our client list is quite extensive throughout Louisiana, the US & many countries abroad as we have an impeccable worldwide reputation.

Over the years just like our loyal customers have expanded so have we into a premier multi-division IT firm that truly covers everything from A-Z. Our Computer, Networking, Data, Voice, Software/Database, Cabling, Security, CCTV & Email/WebSite/Backup divisions all work together under one to help you every step of the way by giving you the peace of mind everything is being handled without any loose ends. We want everyone to know that our customer service & technical support is superior. As a whole between our staff & all our divisions we hold over 20+ major certifications/authorized from over 50 of the leading manufactures.  Day after day, we try our best to be a leader in the industry when it comes to reliability, simplicity & overall excellence. Customer satisfaction is our number one concern. We’re here to meet & exceed all your IT needs. ICS NOLA can help you get the solutions you need, on time & on budget.

Our service solutions address your main requirements no matter how small or large the issues are & especially the ones left behind from previous providers. This industry is always changing & you need a “Partner” in the IT arena that always adapts not just a vendor, tech or “Geek” as our industry as so eloquently tagged our technicians. We’re innovative, reliable, & fully accountable because we’re your ultimate partner when it comes to anything IT.  We have a diverse clientele in industries ranging from Accounting, Architecture, Construction, Dental, Educational, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial/Manufacturing, Legal, Maritime, Oil/Gas, to Retail & more. So, whether you’re a single home user, Small Business and/or Large Corporation you have come to right place for all your IT requirements.

Please give us the privilege to contact us today with your specific needs & let our “Innovative IT Solutions” flip the switch on your IT!









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